Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Women dressing modestly 1 Tim.2:9

There are passages in bible that we have a traditional interpretation of.  For example 1 Tim. 2:9 "I also want women to dress modestly...." There should be no problem understanding what Paul is talking about when he uses the word "modestly," since he gives examples of what he talking about in the second half of the verse. In spite of the examples he gives the traditional interpretation of this word, by most of our teachers, is "not showing too much skin." The word is question is kosmio (the same word we get cosmetic from) and it means "orderly, decent, modest." Albert Barnes explains it well: "It does not, properly, mean modest in the sense of being opposed to that which is immodest, or which tends to excite improper passions and desires, but that which is becoming or appropriate." Paul gives examples of what is not an appropriate way for a modest woman to dress: "braided hair or gold or pearls or expensive clothes." Considering that most Christians dress in their most expensive clothes for church, our Sunday best, it is ironic that Paul taught women to do the opposite. This verse teaches that women are not to dress in such a way as to boast about their wealth or to follow inappropriate fashions. This is teaching that both men and women in the church should pay more attention to.


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